Goodbye, Hello

The first guests to leave the ship were gone before we arrived at the dining room for breakfast. By mid-morning, many had left, bound for the airport or train station. New Scenic passengers were coming aboard to begin the ship’s next cruise, to Basel in Switzerland. The crew were busy helping people leave the ship, helping people arrive on board, and cleaning everything in preparation for a late evening departure.

Marg and I said goodbye to some really good people whose company we’ve enjoyed a great deal over the past two weeks. We stayed aboard the ship until midday with Chris and Lynne, from York, until their taxi arrived. They’ve been wonderful travel companions on the cruise and we’re hoping to catch up with them when we’re passing through York in June.

A taxi brought us to our hotel, in a street running adjacent to the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. We’d been warned that hotel rooms in Europe can be quite small, and this one was no exception. There was barely room for the two of us and our suitcases and three sides of our moderately-sized bed were jammed up against walls. But it’s home for a couple of nights, so we’ll get used to it.

Minutes after we arrived, my brother, Rod, and his wife, Cornelia, walked through the door. It was so good to meet up with them here in Europe. We’re going to spend the next couple of weeks touring with them, which will be good because Rod and Cornie understand Europe a lot better than Marg and I do.

We went out for a walk around Amsterdam in the afternoon. It was warm and sunny. But rain was on its way.

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