Stephen & Penelope

We had some free time in Amsterdam this afternoon, so Marg and I set out to find a wool shop she has always wanted to visit. It’s called Stephen & Penelope and it’s located here in Amsterdam. It features the designs of a guy called Stephen West.

We left our ship and followed our map along one of the canals and before long we were standing outside the shop. Marg had a lovely time in the store talking to the staff and selecting a few skeins of wool. I think she might ease off on her wool buying exploits for a few weeks as it would be very hard to top this one.

We wandered back to the ship, being very careful to give cyclists a wide berth, as they literally are everywhere in this city. Amsterdam, unfortunately, appears to have a fairly serious litter problem. I think we saw more litter today walking a few blocks than we saw during all our time in Germany. It’s a real pity as there is much to like about Amsterdam, going on my first impressions.

We stopped to check out a few stalls at a flea market. Although I didn’t buy any, I was impressed to find a few stalls selling pre-loved vinyl – and at a good price too.

Sadly, we also found small plaques in the sidewalk marking the places where Jewish citizens were deported during WWII and taken away to their deaths.

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