Seeking Yarn

Those of you who know Marg would be aware that she loves to knit and crochet. She has brought her crochet hooks with her to Europe and is planning to use any quiet time on this trip to create some new items. She found the address online of a place in Prague which sold wool, so we set off in search of it.

It took us to a new precinct near the Powder Tower, also very popular with tourists. And, unfortunately, we found ourselves walking the same streets as boozy British drinking tours for both men and women, and also a couple of stag parties.

But the good thing was that we eventually found the wool shop and Marg now has a good supply of yarn that will keep her busy on the cruise and perhaps beyond. Leaving the shopping centre, we passed a distressing Falun Gong protest against the Chinese government. For our final meal in Prague we were served in a subterranean dining room reputed to have been built over 900 years ago.


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