Prague to Budapest

We boarded a train at the main railway station in Prague, bound for Budapest. We’d decided that we preferred to move between cities by rail rather than flying. This particular trip, our first using our Eurail Flexipasses, confirmed for us that train travel was the way to go.

Our carriage was clean and quiet. There was room to store our suitcases overhead and the seating was comfortable and roomy. A dining car waiter served food and drinks throughout the entire six and a half hour journey.

We passed through three countries – the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Early in the journey the terrain was hilly and often forested. The grass was always emerald green, and many of the trees were conifers. We passed many small rural villages and occasionally a larger city or town. Much of the land we passed through was used for farming.

It was a really pleasant, relaxing trip, and we learnt a little about Eastern European farming communities along the way. It was sad leaving Prague, but a new adventure awaits.

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