Rigi Kulm

From Zurich we took the train to Arth-Goldau, then transferred to a cogwheel railway for the ride up to Rigi Kulm, near the summit of Rigi mountain in the Swiss Alps. As the cogwheel train climbed slowly higher up the mountain, spectacular views of near and distant valleys, lakes, forests and snow-covered alps were revealed. Small farms dotted the steep slopes all the way up to the snow line. It had snowed high on the mountain yesterday and there was still a blanket of white covering the summit of Rigi and its neighbouring peaks.

We were lucky that, for a good part of our time at Rigi Kulm, the sun was out and the skies were blue. After a time, however, the weather turned against us. The skies became grey and we had a little rain, then snow. The temperature dropped. We had been going to walk down the mountain path to Rigi Kaltbad, but the path was quite slippery in the slush, so we opted instead to take the cogwheel down there instead. This provided us with some stunning views on the other side of Rigi, especially of Lake Lucerne and some of the towns along its shores.

From Rigi Kaltbad we took the cable car for a very steep, but very smooth 9-minute ride down the mountain to Weggis on the shore of the lake. The standout mountain as we rode down in the cable car was Pilatus on the far side of the lake. The views we’ve had on Rigi today while the weather was good were the sort you often see on postcards or jigsaw puzzles. Spectacular.

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