We left Bern in mid-afternoon and travelled by train just a short distance to Thun (rhymes with cartoon). My enjoyment of the train ride peaked when the snow-covered Swiss Alps loomed into view. I couldn’t take my eyes off them for the rest of the trip, although Cornelia assures me that when the rain clouds clear and blue skies return there will be even higher peaks to marvel at. Unfortunately many of the highest peaks remained obscured by clouds during our visit.

We walked along the shore of Lake Thun, watching the grebes dive for food and the swans and ducks glide across the surface. In the distance, for a time exposed and brightly lit by the late afternoon sun, the majestic Alps put on a show for us. From the left, three of Switzerland’s most fabled peaks, the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains, could be seen. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

We left the lake and took a short walk through the Old Town while we waited for our train’s departure time to near. There was not even time for Marg to pop in to the wool shop we walked past. There was time, however, to cross over the old covered wooden bridge, where machines are used to open and close sections in order to regulate the amount of water than can flow through at a given time.

We caught the late afternoon train back to Bern, then switched to another train back to Basel. It was another great day with Rod and Cornelia. We’re hoping for improved weather tomorrow so we can go a little higher into the mountains.

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