At 4.15pm, the cables tethering our ship to the dock in Budapest were released and our cruise was underway. I can’t say that I saw much of it. Marg and I went up to the sun deck to see the cruise begin, but it was chilly and windy up there (a complete change to the previous sunny days we’d had), so we soon headed down to the lounge for a drink. We sat and chatted with a group of Canadians and I really didn’t take much notice of what was happening along the river.

The cruising is very smooth on a vessel this large, so although you are aware you are on water, you’re soon oblivious to it. Life on board is quite social, as most people head down to the lounge and sit around and meet new travellers and strike up conversations with them.

The Welcome Dinner was followed by an hour of traditional Hungarian folk music and folk dancing from a group of young entertainers. They came aboard in Budapest and we dropped them off at a dock in Esztergom after their performance.

The ship will continue to cruise until about 4pm on Friday, when it reaches Vienna. Having left Hungary, it will travel through Slovakia on its way to Austria.

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