I woke this morning to find we were leaving Hungary and entering Slovakia. We had just moved past an Avalon cruise ship on the port side. The water was a bit choppier than we were traveling on last night.

It was quite green along both river banks, dotted occasionally by small cottages. Imagine having Danube river frontage! By about 10am, Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, was within sight. It was bitterly cold up on the sun deck, but it offered good views of the city, its cathedral and the castle on a high point.

Bratislava was not a large city, and soon it was behind us. Less than an hour later on our starboard side we passed a ruined castle on a rocky outcrop. I don’t know its name or its history.

The obligatory safety drill took place, with the entire ship’s passenger list up on the sun deck, where it was still breezy and chilly, clad in personal flotation devices. Hopefully that’s the last time we’ll see them. Onward to Vienna.

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