It’s been a very long day flying from Melbourne to Prague, so I’ll keep this blog post short. We had a couple of great flights over with Qatar Airways, but a two and a half hour delay in Melbourne resulted in our flight eventually landing in Doha at about the same time as our connecting Prague flight was due to leave. Thankfully they held the connecting plane on the tarmac for a few minutes while an airways official raced us across the airport and through all the checks in a very brief amount of time. We didn’t have time to catch a breath until we were seated on the second plane, but it was a relief not be stuck in Doha overnight due to a delay in Melbourne.

Prague is the first European city Marg and I have visited. After checking out our tiny room on the third floor of the Prague Boutique Residence (situated in a 300-year old building in a part of the Old Town where vehicles are never allowed – and right next door to the local weed shop), we headed out for a couple of hours in the afternoon to get a taste of this historic city. We fell in love with Prague almost instantly. Beautiful medieval buildings and statues, narrow lanes and cobbled streets, friendly people, afternoon sun, and bloody good beer. Just perfect after that long flight. We strolled through the Old Town and across the Charles Bridge, admiring all the statues and enjoying all the work of the artisans every few metres. We finished up in the beautiful City Square of the Old Town, which is probably only about 100 metres from our hotel, and stuck around to see the parade of figures who herald the coming of a new hour on the Astronomical Clock. If this is a sample of what Europe holds in store for us, we simply cannot wait.


  1. Wonderful to know you have arrived
    Im eating bfast and thought I’d just check!
    There you are with lots of wonderful pics about you day
    Im excited to fell part of your journey


  2. Looks wonderful Garry! Shane and I are off to Europe at the end of the year, Jacob will be in NYC and Em heading off on French exchange, so a grown ups holiday! Prague is top of our list, so happy to see all of your recommendations! Enjoy


  3. I am so excited for you guys and look forward to living vicariously through you for the next couple of months!


  4. Looks fabulous. Definitely on my bucket list. Would be great to take Hanna with me Marg! The city looks beautiful. Question for you Garry – did you drink all the beers lined up in a row?


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