Marg and I are leaving for Europe on April 3. We’ve never been there before. Our first stop is Prague. From there we go to Budapest to join a river cruise down the Danube and the Rhine to Amsterdam. We meet up with my brother Rod and his wife Cornelia in Amsterdam and from there we will travel down through Belgium via Bruges to the WW1 battlefields of the Ypres Salient and the Somme. From there it’s Giverny and Bayeux before heading to Paris. We’ll take a train from Paris to Cornelia’s home town of Basel in Switzerland and stay at her family home while doing a number of day trips. When Rod and Cornelia fly home, Marg and I will return to Paris for a while, then visit Bordeaux and Annecy. In Annecy we’re looking forward to seeing Remi and his family. He was our house guest in Melbourne for four months some years ago and we can’t wait to see him again. We leave France for Italy, visiting Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre and Rome, then fly to London. In London we’re joining a Trafalgar Tour of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, hoping to enjoy the company of others for a couple of weeks while seeing what the British Isles have to offer. After the bus tour we’ll spend a few more days in London, then fly to Santorini for a relaxing five days before a quick stopover in Athens and home again. We’ll arrive home on July 3, making the trip exactly three months duration.

I’m resurrecting this travel blog for this tour. As you will note, I first used it for our Vietnam and Cambodia tour with Ian and Theresa in 2015. I’m hoping to post a few photos and a brief report most days. If you’d like to follow our travels, feel free to subscribe on the home page, so that you’ll receive alerts whenever a new post has been added.


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