Lazy Day in Broome

Today has been a lazy day in Broome. Rod and Cornie were picked up at 5.30am for a flight to Mitchell Falls far to the north of here. It’s a full day trip that involves small plane and helicopter flights, a 4km hike and possibly some swimming. Marg and I took the easier option.

We drove into the main shopping strip of Broome and had breakfast at the Green Mango Cafe, an old favourite.

Then we spent several hours wandering down one side of the street and back down the other checking out the shops and buying a few things that we liked. Marg enjoyed chatting to the shopkeepers about how things have changed since we were last here four years ago. I was happy to find a seat nearby and just soak in the beautiful temperate weather while I was waiting for her. We stopped for smoothies at another old favourite, Chi Mayi.

We came back to our accommodation just after midday because I had a Zoom conference call with the people I’m working with in connection with the teaching of English in China.

Then, rather than go out again, we thought we’d just spent a lazy afternoon by the pool. It gets up to about 35 degrees here in the early afternoon, so swimming is a good option, even though it’s June. The water was a little chilly at first, but it didn’t take long to get used to it and then it felt so good I stayed in for quite a while. And after that it was just good to chill out on the pool lounges and let the time pass. So that was our day – a nice break from travelling and a good opportunity to recharge our batteries.

Rod and Cornie will be back in Broome with us for the next couple of days and we’ll get out and about to explore Broome and its environs a bit more with them.

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