Marg and I had another lazy day today, partially enforced. We sat on the balcony till about 10am just enjoying the views and the cool breeze. Eventually we wandered down into Thira, thinking we might explore some of the alleyways and shops that we missed yesterday.

Marg wasn’t watching where she was going on the sloping, cobbled path. She missed a step down and her ankle went from underneath her. She fell forward, but thankfully put her arms out and broke her fall. There were no broken bones and there was no blood. Just a bit of bruising and swelling on her right foot and, of course, a little embarrassment. She was able, and keen, to keep going, so we kept walking down some paths we hadn’t been down before and exploring the shops. We stopped for an early lunch. Pork gyros. Yumm! Marg was still keen to walk a little more after lunch, so we kept going up and down the hilly paths. She was hobbling a little, but doing okay.

It started to get really hot just after midday. We turned back towards home. We had to make our way through a few cruise ship crowds – Germans and Chinese today. Marg’s sore foot didn’t help much, and the heat was really getting to me. By the time we got back to our cave house, I was perspiring profusely and ready to crash. I think Marg had also done enough walking for the time being. She lay on the bed and I applied my limited first aid knowledge by taking a packet of chilled olives from the fridge and placing it over her bruised foot. I could have been a doctor in another life!

Anyway, that’s where we stayed until 6pm, just like yesterday. Five hours taking shelter from the heat of the afternoon. I don’t think it’s much above 30 degrees, and the breeze comes through occasionally, but it really feels much, much hotter than that when you’re walking in full, blinding sunlight and you’re walking uphill.

We went out at 6pm and it was cooler, with a bit of a breeze blowing through the laneways of Thira. The crowds had all retreated back to the cruise ships and it was really pleasant checking out all the craft shops and stopping for an ice cream.

If Marg’s ankle is feeling okay tomorrow, we might leave our place a little earlier in the day and try to get over to Oia before it gets too hot. No doubt it will be another lazy day in Santorini.

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