Return to London

From Bath, our bus returned to London. At first the landscape was lush green fields and small clusters of trees, but eventually this was replaced by industrial, then residential and commercial landscapes. It was the heavy traffic approaching London that slowed us down a little. A few times we were stopped altogether in standstill traffic. On one of these occasions, we could see Windsor Castle in the distance. We drove through some interesting parts of London, including Earl’s Court, once a favourite haunt of Australians in this city. It looked like a good place to visit. Maybe next time.

We arrived at our final destination, the Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel, at about 5.45pm. Everyone seemed to be busy organising rooms for the night or sorting out transfers to the airport or just going off, like we were, on their own to new accommodation. Most will be on their way home within the next 24 hours. We tried to say goodbye to all of our travel companions from the past two weeks, but quite a few of them had already disappeared inside the hotel, so we said goodbye to everyone we could find and gave Rachel a hug. What a gem she has been. Our tour would have been okay without her, but it was great because of her. She put so much energy and thought into everything she did and made the whole experience a special one for Marg and me. We would not hesitate to recommend Trafalgar Tours to anyone contemplating a similar tour.

We took an Uber across the Thames to Shoreditch, where we have booked an apartment through AirBnB. It’s on the 11th floor of a very tall building, and the views over this part of the city are great, especially on a beautiful day like today has been. There are restaurants next door and a supermarket about 50 metres further on. Tomorrow we aim to sleep in a little for the first time in many days. It’s been a tiring couple of weeks.

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