The Craic

An option on our bus tour whilst in Dublin was an opportunity to enjoy the craic tonight at Taylor’s Three Rock Pub, a large, spacious dining and entertainment venue with a thatched roof. The craic is a term used by the Irish to describe the good time had by all when there is music, dancing and conversation … oh, and drink.

We sat at long tables and were served our meals almost straight away. The tables were cleared and the show began. The show was a smorgasbord of singing, playing, Irish dancing, audience participation, and standup comedy. Some highlights included Danny Boy (naturally) and a medley of much loved traditional Irish songs, which included Rocky Road to Dublin and Black Velvet Band. The Irish dancing was lively, often supported by the tin whistle, the fiddle or the bodhran. Frantically tapping feet and moving legs contrasted at times with immovable arms. Riverdance, of course, introduced this form of dancing to the world. I don’t know a lot about it, but I think the dancers tonight were very good. The three youngsters who joined the older dancers on stage appear to be developing their dancing skills quite nicely. Rob Vickers, who played Jean Valjean in the 25th anniversary West End cast of Les Mis, sang Bring Him Home. It was exceptional. We’ll be seeing Les Mis in the West End in less than two weeks from now. Comedian Noel V Ginnity kept the jokes coming thick and fast, firing the next one off before the laughter had ceased for the previous one. He received a standing ovation.

The audience responded to the entertainment with a combination of loud applause, singing, foot stomping, hand clapping, cheering and laughter. They all enjoyed the craic.

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