This morning began with a guided walk around some of the historic sites in old York. The history of this town dates back to very early times. The Vikings were here. So were the Normans. Sections of the old city wall and city gates still exist in remarkably good condition. Our walk took us past some of the old fortifications and the city wall. We entered the Shambles via the shortest street in York, named Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate, which is so short one shop has the street number 1½.

The Shambles, formerly a street of butchers, appears to come straight out of Harry Potter, so it’s fitting that there are some Harry Potter and magic-themed shops there. The whole street oozed old world charm. Unfortunately we were on a tight timeline, so there was no time to visit any of the shops that lined the Shambles.

The walk brought us to York Minster, a gothic cathedral with a long history. We would have loved the opportunity to enter the cathedral and look around, but it was closed while a training session was running inside.

As we were leaving I saw my first English punk. I was wondering if they still existed. The problem was that this guy was mid-60s, same age as me, and it just didn’t look right. Nevertheless, his hair was very impressive.

Our time in York was not long, and we only saw a small part of it, but it was a really charming place and if we ever return to England, we’ll make sure a longer stay is on our itinerary.

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