Campo de’ Fiori

Marg and I are staying in a historic apartment in a really cool part of Rome called Campo de’ Fiori. We’re just a few hundred metres from the large, popular piazza and shopping precinct. We walk through it on our way out each morning and again when we return home in the late afternoons. It is a busy market place during the day, but the stall holders pack up by about 5pm and the restaurants take over for the evening.

Tonight we went for a bit of a stroll through the piazza and neighbouring streets, stopping occasionally for a spot of window shopping – okay, it was really actual shopping! And then we had a sensational meal at one of the trattorias, washed down with some tasty Italian pinot grigio and topped off with a Limoncello and an espresso. It was fun just sitting there watching all the people come and go.

I was particularly taken by the number of people walking their dogs. Mainly small dogs. It just seems to make the neighbourhood even a little more friendly and inviting. Dog owners often stop and let their dogs interact with one another. If we ever come back to Rome, I’m definitely booking our accommodation in this fantastic part of the city again.

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