The Battle of Basel

Today was a quiet day in Basel. We took the opportunity to sleep in a little longer, which we probably needed. Cornelia went to visit her Mum, while Rod, Marg and I walked into town and wandered around for a while. Marg’s mission was to find a wool shop (what a surprise) in her sister-in-law’s home town. Luckily, it was just a couple of streets away from the house we are staying in, so we found it easily. Marg was pretty happy with her purchases, especially given that everything was 50% off.

We walked across the bridge over the Rhine to Kleinbasel for a while and looked in a few stores, then stopped for a quick bite to eat and a coffee. Rod bumped into an old friend and we chatted with him for a while. Heading back, we came upon an interesting confrontation in a park between a black cat and a squirrel. Both remained motionless, watching each other carefully, sizing each other up, then the cat pounced and the squirrel was gone in an instant … up the tree as fast as it could go. There it stopped and looked down at the cat with disdain. The squirrel was the victor in this Battle of Basel. Minutes later we passed the police station, and parked out the front was a police car with a sign on the rear window advising that it was not the Batmobile!

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