We stayed the night of our final day on the battlefields in the city of Amiens, which had also been the site of a critical Australian battle towards the end of the war. We arrived late in the afternoon in heavy traffic and struggled to find a place to park the car, as parking is not available at the inner city hotels. We’ll have a ten minute walk with our suitcases to reach it this morning.

There was not a great deal of time to explore Amiens, but we walked from the hotel, past the impressive Notre Dame Cathedral, to the restaurant precinct along the river. It gave us a taste of what we might have seen if we’d had a little more time on our hands. Some of the half-timbered houses were reminiscent of the places we’d seen in Germany.

The restaurant meal was good. We’re quite enjoying French cooking and local wines, though we are really struggling to interpret the menus as just about everything here is only printed in French. Elsewhere in Europe, we usually found the local language and English were printed side by side. I guess I’m just going to have to learn quite a few more French phrases in a hurry.

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