There were three choices for our Nuremberg stopover. Some opted to attend gingerbread cooking classes, some to visit the sites associated with World War II, and some to tour the medieval walled Old Town. We chose the third option. En route to the Old Town we passed the headquarters of the SS (second photo) and the hotel where Hitler often stayed (it was near the opera, as he loved the music of Wagner).

The Aldstadt, or Old Town, lies within a strongly fortified city wall, built over 500 years ago. It is surrounded by a dry moat. At the highest point is the Kaiserburg Castle. Neither the castle nor the walled city were ever penetrated by an enemy, though parts of the town suffered tragic bomb damage during World War II.

The Hauptmarkt, or central square, features a gothic cathedral which dates back to the 14th century, and the aptly named gilded ‘beautiful fountain’. Being only two days until Good Friday, the market place had a thriving Easter market when we visited, full of food and craft stalls, with most of the goods proudly made in Germany.

We passed by Albrecht Dürer’s house, and also his statue. There was even a large sculpture in the town, protesting the treatment of animals, which featured a Dürer-like rabbit. Art prints and postcards of his works were on sale in the souvenir shops.

Naturally, as we are in Bavaria, I stopped for a beer and a sausage. Why not!

We really loved this beautiful old town, its cobbled hilly streets, its strong city walls and its quaint half-timbered houses. Our very humorous, and extremely knowledgeable, guide Dominic made the walking tour even more enjoyable. Surprisingly, we never made it to a wool shop, probably because we had to pass through a market first.

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