With just a couple of hours up our sleeve on this Saturday afternoon to get on a bus to a nearby shopping district, Marg happened to find the address of a wool shop. No surprises there.

The thing is that many shops, including pharmacies, shut by the middle of the day on Saturday and we weren’t confident we could find the shop still open, let alone find it at all. But, as luck would have it, we found it very close to the bus stop and it was still open.

The shop was called WolleWien, which I guess means Wool Vienna. Marg and the lady in the shop had a great time talking about knitting and crochet, trying out new needles, comparing yarn etc, while I went wandering around the streets nearby. I found a neat little lane, which had a great sign dating back to 1912. I don’t know what it said, but the last line seemed to be issuing a warning about a chicken!

We’re leaving Vienna soon, but we’ve loved our short time here. We’ve seen a really nice blend of the old and the new – for example, right across the road from Mozart we saw the Easter Bunny handing out eggs. This evening the ship leaves for Dürnstein.

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