Viennese Concert

On Friday evening we were taken by bus to Palais Liechtenstein, home of the princely family of Liechtenstein, for a concert in one of its spacious state rooms. The palace houses magnificent works of art on its walls, in its galleries, on its ceilings and in its gardens.

We were entertained by a group of professional Viennese musicians, who performed works by Mozart, Strauss and Beethoven, including works for vocalists. I don’t have a good enough knowledge of classical music to describe how good they were, except to say that they received a prolonged standing ovation at the conclusion of their performance. My favourite piece was the Blue Danube Waltz, when the musicians were accompanied by dancers from the Viennese Ballet.

I’m so glad that our visit to Vienna included an opportunity to hear the music created by some of its favourite composers.

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