Terror Museum

As we had spent so much time relaxing at the thermal baths, we didn’t have time to visit the Terror Museum on Andrassy Avenue. But we stopped to look at the faces and read the names on the Wall of Heroes of the 1956 Revolution. The Iron Curtain is a stunning monument that has some powerful words printed on it.

‘Shall we live as slaves or free men?’ (Sandor Petoft)

It isolated the East from the West

It split Europe and the World in two

It took away our freedom

It held us in captivity and fear

It tormented and humiliated us

And finally we tore it down

In the street alongside it, is an ugly concrete section of the Berlin Wall.

Budapest today appears to be a modern, progressive city. Its people seem to be doing well. Life must be very different now in comparison with the oppression inflicted on the people when they lived behind the Iron Curtain.

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