Pandas and Sex Machines

Tired after our hill climb and walking around the extensive castle grounds, we found a small boat offering a cruise. Relaxing with a cold drink on the top deck for the next hour was just what we needed as the boat took us on a circuit of the navigable section of the river. Both upstream and downstream from the boat’s path are changes to the river level that make it impossible for boats to navigate the entire length of the river’s course through the city.

There are some impressive structures on either side of the river, though I didn’t really find out what more than a few of them were called.

Feeling well rested, we wandered over to the Old Town Square for lunch, where I opted for a pork knuckle, a local delicacy in Prague. The size of it defeated me, I’m afraid, though it was pretty good – if you like meat, that is, because there were no vegies on the plate.

Yesterday in the square we came across a large gorilla posing for photos with tourists. Today he’d been replaced by a giant panda … and a guy, appearing to be made out of copper, who seemed to be framed in time crashing his motorbike. The buskers in Prague are generally good fun, including the musician with the horse head, who throws his head back and neighs whenever a coin or two lands in his hat.

We decided we’d walk to the main railway station, just to check (or is that czech?) out how far it was from our hotel. We are planning to walk with our suitcases to the station on Sunday morning and just wanted to be sure that this was doable. There was quite a large crowd waiting for the Budapest train, so we watched them and learnt how we might find the right platform on Sunday. Heading back to our hotel, we had a quick look inside the Sex Machines Museum (wouldn’t you?). The first machine I saw looked like it could be fun, but the second one looked capable of neutering someone, so I decided not to venture any further into the museum.

Later in the evening we went for a walk around the Old Town. The lights came on to illuminate the streets, the statues on the bridges, and even the castle on the hill. It was a fitting way to end a really good day. And my Fitbit registered 29,000 steps – not bad for an old bugger like me!

One comment

  1. Just love reading all your entries and looking at the pics
    Love to you both
    shall think of you on Sunday wheeling your cases to the station!!!


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