Ta Prohm

This is my favourite of all the Angkor temples, and I was really looking forward to coming back here once again.  This temple took its name from the Khmer word for the Hindu god Brahma, and it literally means ‘Brahma Temple.  Although many huge stone blocks lie on the ground, indicating that once there were more large structures here, this site features quite a number of stone buildings still standing in remarkably good condition.  The reason I find it remarkable is that throughout Ta Prohm, huge rainforest trees grow out of the stone roofs and walls and their long thick roots drape down to the ground.  The seeds of these trees must have germinated in cracks between stone blocks several hundred years ago.  I imagine that if the trees died or were removed, the buildings and walls they support might crumble.  The temple is surrounded by thick tropical jungle.  Vanny led us in by a little used back path through the trees, which was quite beautiful.  Through a clearing, the ruins of Ta Prohm came into view.  It was a sight to behold. You might have seen this temple before – it featured in one of the Tomb Raider movies.

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