Out and about in Phnom Penh

We were only in Phnom Penh for a couple of days, but we had a few enjoyable experiences.  I was delighted when the driver pulled up in front of Khmer Surin restaurant, just around the corner from the Goldiana Hotel.  We had stayed at the Goldiana on both of my previous Cambodia trips and the streets around it were familiar.  And Khmer Surin just happened to be my favourite eating place in Phnom Penh.  On both of those earlier trips, I had ordered fish amok at this restaurant, and it was so good to have another chance to eat this national delicacy.  I don’t think anyone makes a better fish amok than Khmer Surin.

We called in for a brief visit to the Tabitha shop.  I had worked with Tabitha building houses in villages on my previous trips and each time we had visited the Tabitha headquarters in Phnom Penh for an introductory session.  Tabitha supports women to lean cottage crafts so that they can support their poor families by earning an income.

We took a cyclo ride from Tabitha to the Central Market, where I got some ‘Bose’ speakers for about $14.  I wonder if they will work at all when I get home.

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