Full Moon Festival

As good fortune would have it, or perhaps thanks to our particularly talented travel consultant, we had arrived in Hoi An on the day of the full moon. So in the evening we headed back into town to join in the celebration of the Full Moon Festival.  We found a restaurant with a balcony view overlooking the Thu Bon River near the main bridge.  As the sun went down, people began to place coloured cardboard baskets containing lighted candles onto the river’s surface.  Soon lighted candles were floating gently past us, and as darkness fell it was a beautiful sight to behold all the small flickering lights on the river.

The slow current took most of the candles to the far side of the bridge, so we left the restaurant and moved onto the bridge, from where we could see hundreds and hundreds of candles floating in the darkness.  We purchased some candles of our own and lowered them from the bridge via a long pole and placed them gently on the water’s surface.  We were supposed to make a wish at this point.  Who knows if it will come true. This was a special event and we were fortunate to be part of it.

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